Our Museum tells the amazing story of female patriots who have served our nation from the American Revolution to present.


In November the museum celebrated the grand-reopening of its galleries after an expansion in which space was doubled and exhibits were completely redesigned. The museum is now divided into five galleries, each sharing stories of how women have contributed to the U.S. Army at different points in time. Upon entering, five life sized figures greet the visitor, each one representing a different time period that is reflected in the galleries. The overarching theme addresses how the role of Army women progresses over time.

Since the inception of the Army, whether in or out of uniform, women have served proudly defending our nation’s freedom. The change in the nature of their service is driven by the interaction of three entities--women, society and the army. Any of the entities can initiate movement in a certain direction, but all three must be in motion for women’s roles to be transformed. The results of these changes impact not only the Army, but also society and women themselves.