About Us

AWM is only museum in the world dedicated to preserving and sharing the history of the contributions of women to the U.S. Army.

More Than A Museum

Historical Resources:
The museum's expert staff of curators, archivists, historians and educators is an excellent source for information about the service of Army women from 1775 to present.

Research Materials:
The Museum's archive has one of the most comprehensive and expansive collections in the world of primary and secondary documents pertaining to the history of U.S. Army women.

Artifact Collection:
The museum is the custodian and repository of artifacts and archival material pertaining to the service of women across all U.S. Army branches and organizations.

Educational Programs:
As a premier educational institution, we provide military history training, instruction and professional development to soldiers, veterans and the civilian community. We have National and State Standards-aligned K-12 programs. Our programs can be delivered at the museum, through outreach, or via our live broadcast studio.

Reflection Garden - Outdoor Exhibit:
Visit the museum's beautiful reflection garden with benches for visitors to enjoy the landscaped grounds, read about Women in War since 1775, visit the Band monument and memorial plaques.

Gallery Tours:
The museum collects, preserves, manages, interprets and exhibits its unique artifacts and documents as a means to provide training and educational outreach.